Sunday, March 16, 2014

Father and Daughter Yub Nub Scoodies

Are you sick of seeing these yet?! I sure hope not! :D They are the last two I'll make for a while but I am elated to be giving them to a dear friend who will in the end had a family set! :D

The green scoodie came out larger than I’d anticipated, but you know, sometimes that happens! :) Luckily grown men have larger heads, so this scoodie went from “Oh my friends lil girl will grow into it” to  "Oh my friends husband will appreciate this, especially since his wife and baby will already have one!” Ergo - it's a daddy hat! :) 
Yep. It’s all in how you spin it :) ;).

Here's hoping my friend will use the set for a Christmas card sheninnigans butcha know its really okay if not too! ;) They're a super fun family, I'm just glad they'll appreciate having a set! :D Yes.


  1. Hi Dawn! I just recently finished the Yub Nub for my granddaughter but need a bit of help with sizing for a Daddy version. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Nightlyt! Sure thing! To make a larger one, hold a chunky thread with a worsted weight thread throughout and use a larger hook! This will make all the difference :) You can follow the same pattern - best of luck! ~Dawn

    2. Thank you very much! Off to yarn shop tomorrow. :) I love these Scoodies!

    3. woo hoo! :D Aren't they fun!? :D Enjoy!


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