Sunday, March 2, 2014

Scoodies Galore!

You might remember my post about the pair of Ewok lovebirds scoodies not too long ago... well because my friend shared with the rest of the office the adorableness that is the Yub Nub Scoodies... more were requested.

One for a grandmother (purple), one for a son (green)... one for a friend of mine that loved the pink I used and wanted one just like it, which of course meant that I would be making her adorable daughter one too (still in the works ;))! Because I love them both ;). Last but not least... I made one especially for a 3 year old... who loves the twilight sparkle pony character. So instead of the ears, we have a unicorn horn!!! :D

Yes, the pattern for the horn is mine, yes, I wrote down the pattern as I went and yes I will share it with  you! All in good time ;). Be sure to stay tuned! I'll share the link in this post as well once I have it set up. :)

***UPDATE: cLiCk HERE for the unicorn horn pattern.***

...Twilight sparkle herself ^-^ for a point of reference :). 

I hope you were inspired by the photos! :) 


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