Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Journals... Nice Journals... More than $3 Journals...

when I get a really nice journal I hesitate to write in it - honestly... I normally opt for a notebook that was .50 and scribble the crap out of it in putting down my thoughts. I used to journal quite frequently before I was married, I didn't have a close friend in VA - all my friends were back at home, those who had been there physically with me through lots of things... I think my thoughts were probably overwhelming though... and they never stop... so to a journal I went to repeat myself in different fluid ways... not very often would I look back on my pages... in a sense with a journal, your thoughts are noted but you note them to be forgotten and leave the rubble behind... the substance of what you discovered comes with you though... I've thrown away and discarded the journals I logged much heart ache in.. I've written poetry and pulled poems out of my writing in the past... maybe should get back to it before I go to bed and just dump my thoughts then...

I love journals though, do not get me wrong! They are an art in themselves and it's funny how a binded, hand made piece can be so moving just to look at :) I sometimes think I should write in my best handwriting to add to it :) :D

Blank pages before you... a story to unfold... of joy, heart ache, struggle, endurance, encouragement to yourself... treasures to be realized within yourself... exciting indeed!

I have friends on Etsy who would love to have you embark on your own journal journey and provide you with the canvas... please feel free to visit Robynsart Etsy Shop. Robyn is currently embarking in a journey of journal making and would love to come alongside you with your journal writing! PaintingPam is mixing up her journals using lots of fibers - and flowers! :) Please stop by both shops and have a look see! :D

Thank you for reading!


  1. Wonderful post! I have about 10 of Robyn's journals, and I love each and every one of them! Hoping to get one of her fantastic leather bound art journals in the near future. It's easy to find inspiration in the pages of a journal that you know was made with love.

  2. Thank you so much Dawn! I appreciate the mention and I am indeed on a journal making journey! Beautiful new ones coming soon!!!

  3. youre so sweet and supportive!!! What a great post!!! Makes me want to finally start writing in mine!! We need to all have one of Robyn's journals to keep our important and not so important thoughts in!

  4. Great post Dawn! I love how journaling unfolds thoughts and feelings you didn't realize you had. And, even when you never look back at a single word you've written, you bring the story with you.


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