Wednesday, January 13, 2010

U900 Custom Order Amigurumi...

They are in the works! Boy does my wrist know it too! ;)

I'm just about done! Here are some pics of Usagino U Bunny and his sidekick Kumano 900 Bear :)
Here is a slideshow, so you can see stills of them:

I'll be so glad to have them finished :) I'm always happy to do custom orders but they can be really time consuming (like REALLY time consuming). There is no pattern that I 'm aware of online for this duo so I had to make them FROM SCRATCH :p.
Alright, alright, so a few pictures, albeit rough ones... :) remember they are without their metal jackets... but they will have them before long! :D

**UPDATE** 9.22.12 I have written up the pattern for both of these guys and they can be found at my etsy store in the pattern section or if you have a ravelry account you can download them directly from there! :) 


  1. These two are so cute! Love the long, skinny linbs. Are they from a kid's TV show or something similar?

  2. Creative Coquette - thank you woman! :D I think yeah, this definitely has a future for me ;).

    Bearpaw - I guess they are a japanese set that sings - check this out :) so you can see stills of them:

    they are funny! :)


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