Sunday, January 24, 2010

Flowers for her...

Less than a week ago I went for a run in our neighborhood and discovered a few things while I did.

My eyes tend to catch things that others see as junk but I see as things that could be used.

ie. 5 blue tabs, 6 cents ( a penny and a nickel ), 2 pinecones, a dum dum wrapper (if you collect enough you can buy something from the site :)) a coke point and last but not least was honked at once. lol

I ran down to a corner and upon turning around so as to not cross the road I noticed a bright red fake flower, I took mental note of it and kept running, I crossed the street to other side and discover there were many more fake silk flowers and leaves scattered throughout the sidewalks... trash underfoot. Puzzled, I wondered where they had come from and why no one had bothered to pick them up. There was a lot of legitimate trash on the sidewalks as well... maybe no one was designated to pick up the trash. That's about all I can figure :s

I later realized that the flowers must have been blown at some point from the cemetary, not even a block away... and just scattered so no, no one was going to come looking for them.

Last night I finished a bowl with red accents and decided it was time to go out and grab the flower for a prop :)

I went out with a small grocery bag and a latex glove :) lol here's what I found :

and here I used the red flower :) I first saw :)

My Husbands so great - as I finished rinsing the pieces off he came into the kitchen to grab a snack, gave me a kiss and said, "oh, our sink looks pretty now" :) I love that he can be playful :) that still makes me smile just that he said that. :)

I'm sure to use these pieces in a project or as a prop, so keep an eye out, ya hear!?!? ;)


  1. It's me Kraftedkeepsakes!! What an adorable post!! Our men can be wonderful sometimes, can't they?

  2. amen ardee! :D I'm so incredibly blessed! sounds like you are too ;) ... more good stuff ;)

    Thank you for reading and commenting :)


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