Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's Curtains for you! Curtains I say! :0)

A sister of mine moved in recently and the windows in her room were in need of some curtains :0). While the room she stays in is lovely with natural lighting (2 windows) when the sun comes up at 6:30AM she doesn't need to know - BUT the sun has been waking her up for lack of curtains. Candace and I ran to Target to peruse the curtains and quickly realized the "standard" sizes were either too long or too short for her windows... so to the fabric stash! Though we started with a wine color we found the fabric was too short for what we needed and went rummaging again. Much to our surprise we found a green lot that was big enough and a nice white/green fabric to reinforce the back side and keep the room energy efficient :0). heck yes!

Here are a few pics of our first curtain making escapade! :)

28 cut outs for 14 loops for curtains and the fun begins ^.^

folding material to pin for sewing! :0)

let the sewing begin! :0)

Candace (sister :0)) ironing the 1st completed pane ! :0)

Me sewing the 2nd pane... almost done! :0)

completed! :0) 1st curtain

completed :0) 2nd curtain

thermal backing :0)

and the loops all have reinforced material too! :0)

All in all, I'm SO proud of us :0) It was an undertaking and I've gained A LOT of respect for seamstresses :0)


  1. Fantastic!! Looks great! :)

  2. Good job! I really need to take the time to learn to sew someday - I'm always so envious of those that can!! :D


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