Friday, October 14, 2011

What I'm working on for the Hubs :)

The Mister has been asking for this awesome knitted viking hat & beard for a few months now... between etsy and ravelry I was able to find a pattern for the hat at Mamachee's etsy shop :).

Here's a pic from one of her listings :) what a cutie! :)

Here is the work I've done so far from her pattern and a shot of the yarn I'm using if you like the color ;)

I must add that I learned a new stitch in the process :) fpdc = front post double crochet ☺ Learning new things makes me so happy!!♥

I've had to add some extra width to the hat pattern only because my mister has quite a huge melon on him. Which is also why I haven't bought the viking hat and mustache set from someone else. I'm happy to do this of course after he said he'll wear it "all the time" :)lol - we'll see.;) But I love watching his face light up when he sees I'm working on it :) I'll keep you posted :D.

The final result will be similar to that of this picture from crochetjandra

only the beard will be a Chestnut heather :) by lions brand wool ease :)

Since my mister is somewhat of a red head, he's got some burgundy going on... so jealous ;) but I'd rather admire it on him though than have it for my hair ;D I love my mister :)

So - whatcha working on these days? :)


  1. this is such an adorable hat! love it and would love to be able to knit it!


    1. Hi Lisa! :) thank you! I tried googling "viking hat knit pattern" and there are some options there, though some are a bit pricier than others. Happy Knitting! ~Dawn


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