Wednesday, October 26, 2011

White Crocheted Snowflakes...OOOoooh... Dreamy!

I love me some snowflakes! I love how when they fall, being as white as they are, they cast a contrast against the sky... its all so scenic to me!

Oh and the days where it would snow from morning to night growing up... the sky would be a shade of gray... so pretty..☺

Yes, I love me some snowflakes, some winter wonder land and decorating the inside of your home as if you lived in a ginger bread house! I'll take two please ;).

In an effort to let other people decorate their trees and other trimmings in a winterwonderland fashion, keeping in mind the snowfilled winter skies I thought these pictures were fitting to list a few crocheted snowflakes:

I hope they get you in the winter wonderland mood too!

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