Sunday, November 6, 2011

Good times, good finds and good food in NYC! :)

This past week my mom had rounded up the three of us girls (easier said than done ;0)) and stayed with our cousin Liz (who you might know better as the writer of Sex and the City, and she's the co-author of best seller He's Just Not That Into You) in the Big Apple :)

The trip was a blur we were SO busy!!

The 1st day there my mom had gotten us amazing seats at Dr. Oz' show! While they were moving the set around, Dr. Oz came closer to where we were sitting an my mom went ahead and asked why he doesn't wear a tie! :) He then grabbed the microphone from the guy who gets the crowd pumped up for all the applause's and asked what her name was!!! (squee!!!) Dr. Oz then said "Janel asked why I don't wear a tie" and went on to explain that when viewers normally see someone in a tie at their home its normally a guy who is serving them papers so his look is in between the tie and scrubs. Which was pretty cool and made sense. Dr. Oz was really personable... he had a segment where a girl had made brownies using a can of pumpkin mixed with Duncan Hines mixed topped with a bit of drizzled peanut sauce, well he brought over the platter and shared them with us!!:D In addition to all these fun tidbits, you might see my mom, sisters and I on the 400th show of his :). I'll be sure to post the youtubes of it when I see it :0). Before we made it to Dr. Oz's show we roamed around Rockefeller Center and across the street where we saw Billy Bob Thorton and Matt Lauer for the Today Show. We were literally 12 feet from them!! Crazy fun times! :)

We then galavanted around in the NBC store where someone offered us Jimmy Fallon monologue tickets, so we grabbed food before hand (yummy chicken that I can't remember the name of the restaurant :s) and once we went through all the security, briefing and were there for the monologue it felt like it took not even 10 minutes! Still, we had some laughs and it was really cool to see the set that they use... and that the background of a window with building lights behind it is fake :s. I did not know - ha!

Wow, that was just day one. Maybe I'll share day 2 tomorrow or something this is getting to be a LONG entry! :D

Onto a picture ;) - this is one of the items I scored while visiting! :) Found in a jewelry and second hand store called Jillery. It was so charming I had to share :)

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