Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sweet Teddy Bear Face...

...that's what I'd say I've got! (Though you might argue it could pass as a bunny face as well ^_^)

I'm well on my way to working up a teddy bear pattern that serves a dual purpose of

1 - Creating a teddy bear for a friends niece as requested
2 - Creating a pattern for others to make their very own adorable teddy as I go :)

Needless to say I am very excited about this project! I first went to my hook and yarn, started working up the head and a few rows into it I started thinking aloud all the head shape possibilities... maybe I should sketch it... oh but I want to just MAKE it already :). Of course my sister having been present for my musings said "Just sketch it." :) It didn't take but 5 minutes to put pen to paper for a quick visual and then I went back to work. Now that the head is done, I have to say I'm really pleased with how it turned out - quite close to the sketch I worked up too! I'm such a visual person that in order for me to make something well I need to see a 3-D picture and hold that image in my mind, it helps me navigate the increases and decreases to shape my work.

This was fun! I only hope I have a bit of time to get back to the teddy this weekend, though right now the forecast looks like painting the house trim and running around running errands for friends. At least the time in the car will have me thinking on ways to put the teddy together... at present I'm entertaining the idea of a jointed teddy with vintage buttons... this may be on my 2nd teddy though... we shall see! :) Yay for possibilities! And thank you for reading!

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