Sunday, July 22, 2012

Christmas in July

I'm not very good at keeping up with the trends I'll admit. This was the first year I was shop ready for Valentines day in January, so I'm making progress ;). July is more than half over and I've gotten hook to thread this weekend to put together an Elf fascinator hat. I'm working on brushing up the pattern as well to be available (soon! soon! :)). But while its still July - lets take part in Christmas (in July ;)) with these pics of the Elf fascinator hat :)

***P.S. I'm working on another one right now :) that will be made of red and green but different yarns :)***

A few hours later.... 

Hey guys! :) I finished the second hat and made it with bright vintage red and green yarn given to me by my grandma - brings back memories of working on crafty projects with her! Good times! Did I tell you her and I also planted a garden together one year? Love that woman, I'll save gardening stories for later ;). Without further ado - here is the 2nd elf hat. The pattern will be available sometime this week... tomorrow maybe :). 

**Thanks for reading! :) **


  1. Sweet hat. Christmas ornament?

    By the way, I don't do "Christmas in July" either. My motto is: Buy the pillow. Buy it now.


  2. LOL - glad to hear I'm in good company :) I love your motto! :)

    This hat could pass as an ornament :) though I dream of seeing a customer send me a pic of them donning it as a fascinator :). Maybe I'll have to start the trend :)


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