Thursday, October 17, 2013

Low Carb Monkey Bread Anyone?

In my opinion the people who invented Pinterest cannot be thanked enough. Seriously, I have discovered *so* many recipes, DIY projects and patterns! (Oh my! ;)) All thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest! :D Recently through one of my adventures in perusing Pinterest I stumbled upon a recipe... that took me to a blog... that I have been reading pretty much everyday... ever since! I introduce you to Maria & Craig Emmerich, the authors of Maria Mind Body Health. 
I've gotten a couple of her books and binge read at least one and a half of them for good measure! 
They read easy and are full of good for you information! For example - did you know that Splenda, the artificial sweetener that has been touted as having no impact on a persons blood sugar and is a zero calorie sweetener has been lying. Here are the numbers folks: 

Glycemic Index of: 

Sugar: 68
Splenda: 80
High Fructose Corn Syrup: 87

Is your mind blown? Mine was. I felt like my eyes had been opened to my own naiveness of marketing. I could go on ( and I'd like too! ) But I'll save you a mini rant ;). 

Let's suffice to say the truth will set you free - can you imagine how many low carb diets have been sabotaged by splenda? Or how many with diabetes have been negatively affected by using Splenda? Grr.... its sad :(. Which is why I felt compelled to write about it. I'll get off my soap box here and let you do some digging for yourselves ^-^.

If you want to read more about it I suggest googling "Does Splenda have a high Glycemic Index?" And read a couple of the posts. Here's an informative excerpt from a Dr. Deanna Walker that distills the ingredients in splenda about as good as any post you'll find if you do a google search.

So yes my minds been blown, my eyes have been opened, I have been restocking our shelves with Healthified options :) thanks to the Emmerich's blogging and writing down all their awesome health information! Maria shares in her book Secret's To a Healthy Metabolism the science behind fats, proteins, carbs, etc and how each affects our bodies. She goes over different types of fats, sharing the chemistry of fat strands and how some differ  from others and the benefits of each. Maria also talks about brown fat and white fat. Did you know our bodies need the brown fat and that it helps our bodies burn the white fat? 

Ahhhhh!!! There's SO much to learn! :D I've really enjoyed reading her books and her blog. There are testimonies on almost every blog post too! Always a fun read :) 

So far I've tried a few of Maria and Craig's "Healthified" Recipes :) (see list below).

The top two were husband approved and the others my sister and I will be eating by ourselves :) 
If I haven't already told you, my husband is a picky eater ;) 
'nough said :) 

Monkey Bread fresh out of the oven with cinnamon swerve glaze

There are a bunch of other recipes to try of course, I'm just getting started :). 
A good place to follow along with Maria's newest recipes is on her facebook page here

Which one do you think you'll try first? 

Here's to your health friends! ~Dawn


  1. I've heard too that Splenda is bad for you, I have never had it because of the sugar content. Its great that you are helping people become aware of the truth ! the monkey bread looks so good ! I have been getting into baking recently so any new recipes are great :)
    take care,

    1. I'm glad you knew to stay away from Splenda Lisa :) - that's great! :) I now use Swerve, Truvia or Xylitol to sweeten my coffee and when I bake. Maria has a bunch of recipes, I've ony scartched the surface with these and look forward to digging into her recipes more as time goes on! :) Many kitchen adventures to be had! :)

      Happy Baking! ~Dawn


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