Monday, October 7, 2013

What's better than a Jayne Hat?

Why TWO Jayne Hats of course! :) 

They are done! After much measuring and gauging and lamenting over how many rows should be done, etc. here they are! :) 

The one to the left is for a co-workers husband and the one on the right is for my husband :). 

You're never too old to play dress up - that's what I say ;). 

Initially I used the pattern from fibre and spice but because I didn't use the same thickness of yarn I was left to my own devices later discovering Keiyla's Blog which dissects all the attributes of the Jayne hat, which was super helpful when it came time to make the ear flaps. 
For all you nerdy knitters I recommend both sites and patterns... 

A thank you to my late grandmother and my mom for the neonish orange yarn that makes up the main part of the hat. These hats would not have been complete without it!


  1. Very nice hats! I love the colors you used too and the flaps would be great to keep ears warm :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks Lisa! :) I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! :) Blessings, Dawn


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