Monday, February 10, 2014

And then there was a *PINK* Ewok!

...right... okay not really. This is for pretend and creative uses but of course! :D Worn when there just must be more pink, more sparkly & more fun in your day. Yup, that's what I say! ;)  

Since a pink yub nub might be followed and admired by a orange yub nub why not share the pair right? :) Here you go... my latest makings of the star wars kind. Requested by a friend :) 
 Pattern can be found on ravelry for a free download here.


  1. What Yarn did you use to make these?

    1. HI Cassie,

      Thanks for asking - from what I can remember the pink was "fuschia" by redheart. The orange though I am pretty sure was a different brand, I'm picky when it comes to colors so the brand won't necessarily be the same, that much I'm sure of ;). Otherwise, worsted weight yarn holding 2 strands throughout for hte adult version. I hope this helps!


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