Sunday, February 21, 2010

OOAK Amigurumi Penguin - Iced Tea

I think of Iced Tea.... Yes, have some... lol :) Just my humor, forgive me ;)

At work our "mascot" is a penguin. A few months ago I won a customer service award and it was an etched glass penguin that sits on a base and lights up. Well, a coworker of mine who comes in and does filing every morning noticed the piece and started to tell me about her daughter loving penguins, how she would get one of those for her in a heart beat basically. Which started getting my mind on Etsy - I know there are many artists there and someone I'm sure does etched glass.

Of course my brain going through channels the next came upon ME making a penguin.

You may or may not notice that I primarily have bears in my shop. You might wonder, why primarily bears? I picked them because I thought they were classic and the pattern is fun and they are adorable. For me its an undertaking to make a pattern from scratch even when I know in my heart of hearts I can create or replicate an idea just with my hook and the right color thread. But honestly, it can be an overwhelming task to me. The sheer time and attention I want to give it I must, especially if it's my creation. There is no "settling" here.

I thought of the chick in my store and realized I could use that as the illustration of what I could make for her daughter. I pitched the idea to her in an email. As my coworker went onto do her filing I told her I sent her and email about penguins and laughed cause I was both nervous she might not be interested and excited 'cause she just might be! :) LOL She said "thank you".

Within the next hour she got back to me and said that she wanted one. I was of course tickled pink and she was all about getting the money to me asap. lol Which is funny to me because I like to wait until I know I've made 100% what they wanted before I get the money.

Onto the weekend!

Yesterday and today I was busy making my coworkers penguin and then writing up and taking down exactly what I wanted my penguin to look like. Please see the pictures:) The one with eyes like the new chick on the block: is the one for my coworker.

Thank you for reading :)


  1. Those are fabulous! You are super talented!!!

  2. Thank you Jenn :)

    Creative Coquette thank you so much :) I really appreciate your support ladies !:D


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