Friday, February 12, 2010

The Studio - to be or not to be?

Well hello :)

I figured it was high time I update anyone who read the prior post about my studio - just how things are coming!

As of now - the possibility of doing away with the "room" is actually an option that depending on how the floor plan works out - may be a very nice addition to the house.

After my first post about the room I began thinking about a floor plan, colors, storage, etc... I realized as much as a room for all my wonderful things is, well wonderful I'm not so sure for my creating style that it would serve a purpose for me beyond a storage room. I say that because I do not craft without a tv or the presence of someone else. I take my crafty things with me various places (like on road trips :D) but never has it been to have a "me, alone time". Some may need or want this room (and by all means should have one! :)) but my times of inspiration too are not often in the moment of me looking at the yarn or whatever media I am working with. No, my inspiration comes when I'm out and about... so if you do not see any further posts about a studio, you will know why. :)

My yarn has it's "decorative" place(s) in my living room and when guests come I do pick up the coffee table that is usually adorned with needles, buttons, yarns, patterns, beads, etc. I think the baskets of yarn add an element to the house of coziness and (so far) the mister (^.^) has not said otherwise either. ( I will add some pics of the living room once I get home,, eh-hem after I've picked up a bit :D ).

You might be asking now - "But Dawn, what will come of the room then if you aren't going to make it your own?" Well my dear friends :) part of this realization that a craft room doesn't quite suit me, the hubby and I were talking about making our bedroom bigger. The wall next to the closet is actually a chimney and if we were to connect the rooms, we could convert the blocked off chimney to a fireplace and the area I might have had - into a library with a cozy chair to sit in and have tea, read a book, etc! WE would also connect the bathroom to this room as well. In daydreaming about making a bigger bedroom with an attached bathroom and fireplace I found I really came alive, even more so than the idea of my own studio. LOL And just as when I fell in love with my husband... I "just knew" this idea suited me best!

When this dream will come to fruition I do not know.. we have to get a blue print of the house, find out where the supporting beams are and if our dream can even be made possible.

For now, the room still needs to be painted and the ceiling scrapped clean of the residual pieces of wall paper.

As always, I'll keep you posted! Even if it's sometimes after the fact ;) Thank you for reading! :D


  1. Dawn, Expanding your bedroom to include a fireplace and an attached bathroom is a wonderful idea. May all of your renovation dreams come true.

    Mary (naturepoet)

  2. I totally understand how you take your crafting with you and thus don't really need a "room". I think the expanded bedroom idea rocks!

    Happy Valentine's Weekend!!



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