Saturday, August 7, 2010

If you have Ideas I'd love to hear them! All opinions welcome! :D

... if you are familiar with Etsy AND familiar with Treasuries you *might* be familiar with Curation Nation, its a group of Etsians who have come together to help promote and encourage each other in their business through making treasuries, having monthly meetings via the internet, etc. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity to be part of a team like this and grow with. At any rate, I currently do not fit the requirements to apply for this group but it's good, means I have some goals to set my sights on and I think today is the right time to start :0). What i need to join:

"How to Join: For us to review your application to be considered as a team member your shop must have a minimum of 4 pages of products and you must have a minimum of 6 treasuries created in Treasury East. Your shop must also fill a void in the existing team. Many categories are already full."

Its quite possible my type of shop is not needed but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it - for now, I must list!

SO in lieu of needing to list - I have acquired a bit of furniture pieces that I'm toying with the idea of passing on via the shop - they are repurposed and One Of a Kind hmmm - if any of you fans has an immediate response to the postings today Please let me know. I do value your feedback!

I think I need to post my redecorating final pics on my blog so
people can see what "lostsentiments" style is - a kind of
granny/shabby/vintage chic - and help those who like that style to come to me with their wants for their own home or room... but what would you CALL that? lol :0) granshabvin chic?? is that even ...catchy?? :0) LOL *discuss* ;) Seriously - feedback? thoughts? talk to me :0)

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  1. I once drew faces by Matisse on gross point canvas to create covers for dining room chairs...I wanted to invite people to dinner and they would be assigned a special chair in which to sit and must adopt the personality of the Matisse character. I never completed the needlepoint project, but I still love the idea!
    Inviting you to drop by the HIDE A HEART blog where I share my experiences of the Pitfalls and Promise of starting a new business to follow and leave a comment HERE Looking forward to hearing from you.


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