Saturday, August 14, 2010

Harriet the Amigurumi Hippo ^-^

Meet who I would call Harriet :0) Harriet the Hippo :0)

Full of curiosity and fun! I tweaked a recipe for the pattern I found here.  But, as mentioned only used it as a base and went from there :0) You might notice there was no tail on the one with a pattern, I HAD to add one! :0) It's soo cute! :0) ^_^

A friend of mine whom I made through Freecycle loves Hippos and upon request made this one. It took me a few months though only because I kept putting it off with the housework that needed to be done so I could focus on it.

I only just sent my friend the pictures :0) hope she (and you!) love them! :0)


  1. What a cute hippo! I was thinking of crocheting a hippo for my nephew because he thinks saying hippo is just hilarious. I could never find a decent pattern and this one is perfect! the hippo is so adorable!

    1. Glad to hear you like the pattern! :) Thank you for the comment! :)


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