Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Must...Break...The Silence!

As some of you might know (or none of you know) last year at the end of August I started a new job and away went the focus or desire to blog... it's just sucked a lot of my time and energy :s.

Since there are a lot of things regarding the house I want to catch you up on (and hope to in time) I have to share some other, nonhouse things along the way... I'm in blog recovery lol er, something like that O.o.

Alright - so on lunch break today I'm perusing the arts& crafts section of craigslist and find a listing for Magic Ring Pom-Pon. No, this is not a misspelling, maybe it's just the old school way of writing Pom-Pom. Kind of like how old worlde english favor & color were spelled with U's = colour, favour. You get the idea.

I got curious.. to google I go to find out what the heck you can make with a pom-pon magic ring. After all, the picture was also showing, aside from pom-pons, rugs of all things - I scratched my head.

After a few attempts via web and images I found a blog (yay!) and have to share the link with you to this witty, hilariously funny blogger. I have to figure out how to follow them yet since I can't simply click "follow" BUT - if you figure it out, lemme know! :D

Without further ado - visit this link for a craft laugh break. Oh so funny... Hahahaha - oh, oh and it's fittingly titled Pompon Therapy. Note the spelling ;)

***** HandmadeByMother *****
UPDATE: I figured out how to FOLLOW her blog! :) Squee!! :D


  1. WB!! Nice post and loved the link on the Pompons! OMG, I wanna go stay at the BCB Asylum, sounds like a treat! hehe. Thanks for sharing :o)

  2. Thanks NTO :) Good to be back :) Glad you like the post! :D Have to be on the lookout, they may sell tickets to visit the BCB Asylum :) lol - er not... probably a liability :) Hope you are doing well! -Dawn


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