Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Bean Bolognese to try... because its good for you... and you know, you might like it ;)

I'm cooking again! Yes, I dabble in the culinary arts to be sure. When I have time to take pictures and write up just a lil blurb to share it with you I definitely will! I'm seeing that sharing recipes here is becoming a trend :) I hope you don't mind ;).

This recipe I found as I was looking up fiber rich recipes hoping to add some whole foods to our kitchen. :) This particular recipe had me looking for a few items I don't usually have on hand... fresh parsley, canned beans (garbanzo & white kidney beads) but these were of course welcomed additions. Oh and I did get an actual block of Parmesan cheese and grate it as we go now which adds to the fun of cooking at home :).

The sides we added are arugula (very aromatic!) with roma tomatoes and a roll of sourdough bread. I like to use best life buttery spread to get more omega 3's and it tastes more like butter than smart balance in my opinion, but I digress :)

While originally I didn't anticipate making a blog post about this recipe I figured my sister and I bothered to take pictures and really liked the recipes so why not share it all! :)

My review: I LIKED this recipe - A LOT. Veggies and some white wine? Yes please! The taste of the dish is very pleasing. Surprisingly you don't taste the individual ingredients, they all blended quite nicely! I tend to get excited when I know I'm doing something good for my body and feeding my family nutritious meals so this added to my overall response to this recipe as well.

Simply put - if your family is not allergic to any of the ingredients I recommend you try it! :) Happy cooking!

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