Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pathfinder Pen and Paper Game + Art = :)

Every other Tuesday night my husband and I have been meeting up with a few friends of ours to play a Dungeons and Dragon type game called Pathfinder. Tonight as we where slaying goblins and investigating local murders in the game we also had a side conversation about art. I have long since put away my charcoal and acrylic paints - high school was the last time I think I've touched acrylic paint though it is one of my favorite mediums. Charcoal, ink wash and acrylic are my favorite :). I remember being flattered in high school when a very talented artist who was in year ahead of me asked how to mix up a certain color, what can I say people knew I'd know ;). I miss drawing but the crocheting I do now takes 1/16th of the time it'd take to pour over a painting or drawing since I'm bit of a perfectionist. Hopefully one day when life slows down a bit I'll get back to it and create a bunch of eye candy for a realism lovers wall :). For now here are a few pieces I'd like to share with you.

The first three are currently donning my walls :) Thank you for looking!

A barren winter forest -Ink wash with blue and green water color added.
Acrylic painting...
A quiet repose

Mixed media (pastel, acrylic, charcoal, graphite)
The Stranger
Charcoal -you know her as...
Mona Lisa :)

Ink wash of a long haired woman sitting on a stool with a leather stripped skirt in the fetal position.

Ink wash and acrylic - an angel embracing "new hope" :)

Close up of acrylic baby

Charcoal of angel statue holding newborn baby with wings

Close up of baby and bouquet 

 Thanks again for reading/looking! :)


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♥ Dawn

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