Sunday, September 22, 2013

Feeling like Fall...

If you aren't ready for fall yet, maybe these photos will help get you in the mood... 

If the fall hues aren't inviting enough... 


Maybe the chill will have you feeling the nostalgia of previous falls... 


Might a warming cup of apple cider or spiced tea persuade you?

Perhaps by the fire? 


Still struggling to embrace Autumn? It's okay... she's patient. ;)


  1. it is definitely feeling like fall now in Toronto! I am enjoying fall knitting! I hope you are too :)


    1. Lisa I'm so happy for you! :D Fall + knitting = bliss ;) I'm workign on finalizing the edges of my fall blanket. Then I'll be onto a knitting project for my brother :). Always a project to do ;). Good to hear from you miss! Take care, Dawn


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