Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dried Flowers, Wooden Crochet Hooks & Fall Blanket Progress...

Yesterday my husband and I helped our neighbors move. The house they were moving from was a little bigger than ours and they moved into an even bigger house. After the move I realized two things, 1) our house is not all that big and 2) we don't really have that much stuff, we just have almost zero storage space. 

I was doing laundry yesterday and ended up in our white room sorting through dried flowers and the desk (someday I will have all my craft stuff organized ;) someday). I tossed a few of the dried flowers and then organized the rest to keep for potential photo props later :). I snapped a few pics of the flowers before putting them away because I wanted to share them with you!

Yesterday I received my first ever Furls Crochet hook! 
Furls was sweet to send me some complimentary thread with the package! 

Today I'm hoping to get back to my Fall Blanket. I've just about finished the body of the blanket. I might work one more row of squares if I find a color I like to add to one of the ends. Otherwise, the yarn pictured next to the blanket are the ones I plan to use for the edging. Can you believe this blanket is 45 inches wide by 60 inches long? I'm so pleased with how its turned out so far. 
I'm sure to do a post later with lots of photos. I really like this blanket! 

What else am I working on at the moment? I'm glad you asked! :) I'm also working on 2 Jayne Hat's and hope to have at least one done before the end of today but we'll see ;) So many projects, so little time! :) 

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