Sunday, September 22, 2013

Low Carb Game Day Recipe Eats

Last weekend my sister, my husband and I sat down to watch the Redskins game. I had every intention of making up a recipe I found on pinterest for cheddar jalapeno burgers with guacamole by sunnyslideup but about half time we realized our team wasn't doing so hot, and though everyone was down to eat burgers before the game started my husband said "I think I might need pizza just to make me feel better" ;). I love his humor ^-^. I realized my energy was low, really low... too low to dice, cut, slice, measure and then stand over the stove to cook them bad boys. So, pizza hut won... I caved... I was bummed about this choice, I wanted to feed us all something nutritious and not carb laden .. I normally eat that stuff way too fast, and of course regret it the next day and even that night because my stomach and guts are like, "What were you thinking?!" Try as I might to ignore their voices I really can't because they are painfully loud :/ . Whaa. Right? ;) lol Whaa indeed!  

That was a week ago... fast forward to this week. I was determined to have fun food for our football watching time that I hand selected and approved of. 

32 Hard boiled Eggs, 30 jalapenos, 3 packs of bacon cooked up & 2 cucumbers later...  I ended up with a fun smorgasbord of foods! I'm sharing them with you because it was kind of hard to find a diverse grouping of what I myself consider "game day eats" and still keep it healthy and low carb, hopefully this post will help others find a group of recipes they want to make on their family's game day.

Here is the spread, though no, not all of it. I had lots of leftovers ;) :

Low Carb Game Day Spread ^-^
Michelob Ultra (not pictured) was drank by me ;). I added the beer bucket in the picture because though it was just us three I figured why wait to break out a fun beer bucket? Am I right? ;)

Here are the recipes I used:

Note: Arrowroot is by no means low carb, feel free to use Parmesan cheese in place of arrowroot. Also, substituted 1 Tblspn Garlic Powder for Garlic salt because we're looking to keep down the salt intake where we can.

Note: I cut the tops of the jalapenos off :( I later realized I should not have done this. I grabbed bacon and wrapped it around the jalapenos and cooked them this way in an effort to hold the cheesy insides in. This mostly worked. ;) They were still yummy!

Note: I substituted spicy brown mustard for the honey dijon.

Note: I substituted splenda for the sugar they called for.

And now for a few photos of the spread in the making...

You also might be wondering how I managed to make 32 Hard boiled eggs... I'm glad you asked... this was another pinterest find... I use pinterest search over google search these days, so far I've not had any finds flop ;). I saw a pinterest post by creativehomemaking that had the eggs in the oven like the photo below.

I followed the instructions and thought the eggs came out quite nicely. Granted, 32 eggs take a while to peel, but once they were all done... I was sure I'd made more than enough! 

Filling them with the mix was *so* much fun!

Adding Paprika to make 'em pretty ;)


As I was chopping cilantro for the Cucumber Mix I decided I'd be a smart consumer ;) and freeze the leftover cilantro in an ice cube tray for a later date.
 My mister and I both enjoy cilantro so I know I'll use them before long. 

The cup to the left is bacon grease from the 3 bags of bacon I cooked up! Since it was still in liquid form I drizzled some of it in each of the cubes with cilantro as well and then filled then to the top with water.
 I think this will be a good mix when I go to pop one out and use it! :) 

The Deviled eggs called for jalapenos so these are the ones I had left to work with when making the jalapeno bites.. and yes, I used disposable gloves when working with them and recommend it! ;)

Lastly, the chicken tenders went over well. I found that as they cooked they smelled as if they had bbq sauce on them. My husband did detect a sweet flavor, which was there from the coconut oil - we'll probably make these again using bacon grease. They don't take terribly long to make either which is a bonus! :) 

Well folks, that was the line up for game day eats! I hope you enjoy the recipes and photos, though I have to admit I'm wondering just how stellar my camera is these days as the photos seem slightly blurry/grainy... hmm... I hope it's not causing any headaches to look at them! ;) 
Though if they cause you to drool a little I'd say this is normal. Tee hee ;)

Thank you for reading! Please feel free to share if these recipes were a hit with your family too! 

Be safe out there friends! ;) ♥ Dawn 


  1. Ahhhhhhh Don't you just love the way our hubbies can lovingly sabotage our diets! mine was fixing dinner for our grandson and I had been sooooooooo good all week long and he says I am fixing sausages wrapped in baconnnnnnnn with potatoes and gravy. he said it wouldn't hurt you to skip one day and fool your body into thinking it should use up those calories. sooooooooo weak minded me did it! urrrrrrrrrrr now I am back on track. I think I am going to have to keep more things on hand that will comfort me at times like this without giving into the fat attack!

    1. :) They do add a little bit of grace to our regimen right? ;) Some days my husband has said, "You work so hard, it's okay if we order food." ...depending on the day I'm right there with him! lol :D So long as we hit the reset button and keep looking for those quick and easy meals to arm ourselves with for later ;), I don't count it a total loss ^-^, right? right? ;) Though the scale might disagree with me ;).


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