Sunday, September 15, 2013

More HomeGoods Finds

I know.. I've put up a few posts about my HomeGoods finds in the past... apparently I'm a creature of habit and since I've found a few fun finds here in the past... I've. been. back. ;) 

This weekend I went to HomeGoods because they are conveniently located next to an out of town craft store. I went with the intention of browsing and should I find something I liked I would of course get it. This time around I think I hit the jackpot. I found items for the walls. 
Three shelves, a candle holder and a candle. All with different personalities of their own! :)

My favorite part about this shelf is the filigree and the brushed brass look. 
I have an idea of where I'll put it in the bedroom. 
We have a large mirror with a golden frame and some filigree as well I'm sure it'll work well with. 

A close up shot of the shelf details... SO pretty! ^-^

This is the 1st piece I saw when I was browsing. This thing is HEAVY! It reminds me of a twist between barn wood and scrolly castle candle holders.

As we were standing in the checkout line I spotted this candle. I loved the detail in the label and when I smelled the aged apple cider I was sold. Though if I decide to light it, that means I will need to find a home for this label! ^-^  

Did you know that in Snow White, the Wicked witch's name was Queen GrimHilde?
I think it's safe to say she helped make this candle ;) 

I really liked the worn look and the hardware on these.  ...and since I'd never seen anything like them before and since there were two I grabbed them both. 

Wooden topside and details.

Thanks for looking at my finds! What kind of styles do you like and what do you decorate your home with? 

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