Sunday, July 25, 2010

Update on the weekend paintcapade! :0)

So I'm beat, I think both mentally and physically right now from everything this weekend. I'm hopeful that these weekends where I tackle a project will soon be behind me so I can focus on the things that I want to do. I'm definitely making progress on the house, sometimes I feel like it's two steps forward and one step back. With painting you can't always do one coat and be done with it. There are touch ups or yes, the second coat sometimes. So it' not just "oh I'm going to paint". Le sigh, forgive the detail I went into there -as mentioned I'm a bit beat :s.

Alright! So! Pictures! The trim is Semi Gloss White, the main color is Flat Dove White and the ceiling is ceiling paint. Inside the closet, we have kilz2 white primer, no sense in giving it a hue I figured, since the kilz is bright as it is :0)

Here's a quick before pic of when we first bought the house and the room hadn't been touched by any type of cleaning or face lift mechanism :0).


We first had to scrap the remaining lines of wallpaper off the ceiling. As you'll notice in the BEFORE pic - they had some blue sky wallpaper adhered to the ceiling that needed to go.

Onto priming the walls and saying goodbye to all the nicotine stains :0) Yay! :D

Last night we took pictures of the room done...

Finished touch ups today and put the final coat on the desk and a mirror I needed refinished :0)

So now for the decorating... that should be fun, but I'll need a few nights sleep first I think :0) I will say decorating is the most fun of all the home stuffs :0) so whoo hoo :0) for decorating :0) and yes, I will take pics ;)

As always, thanks for reading! :D ~Dawn

**UPDATE** - see pics of decorated white room (work in progress ;)) here:


  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely! White gives your room much of a very clean and spacious kind of look, I like it :o) And all your stories give me a feeling of wanting to buy a new house as well and paint and decorate it completely in the way hubby and I would want it (which will happen eventually because our apartment is on sale atm!).

  2. I love to see and read about projects such as yours and your color choices are clean and crisp, wonderful! Is that the lovely vintage/antique rocker in the background with a child's rocker? I never seem to take before and after pics, but will try to with any future projects! Love your blog, your writings, etc. Look forward to more visits here!! Have a marvey day and see ya soon!! All The Best, Dave

  3. That's awesome! I keep debating about painting my studio/craft room. I want to but I don't want all the work. I am putting it off until after the wedding and honeymoon though. I basically have wedding brain and haven't even been able to unpack fully yet.

    Looking forward to seeing the finished room. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hi guys! :) wanted to give you an update! I posted about the White room being finished here: I hope you like it and that you are all doing well! Best! ~Dawn


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