Friday, July 23, 2010

What is in store this weekend?

The plan of attack is to try and get "MY" room done as far as the painting goes, this weekend.

So kilz/prime tonight, then paint ceiling Saturday morning and then onto the trim. Hopefully Saturday afternoon the ceiling and trim will be dry enough that I cna hit the walls without fear of messing things up.

I may be dreaming as far as the time frame but I figure if I can paint the room within that time then I'll have Sunday to recover. Right? :0)

Um, pray for me, cause I'm overwhelmed thinking about it! But I just have to get started and then I'll be good. :0)

I'll take before and after pictures, maybe even a few in the process of things if its going well lol :0) so feel free to check back before long! :D

UPDATE 7/24/10 Pictures!


  1. Nice! Painting is fun :o) Did you manage to meat your goal for today?

  2. We sure did Victorian Scarlett :0) updated pics on a new post :0)

  3. Bwahaha, I just saw I wrote "meat" instead of "meet"....


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