Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What else, what else... :0)

omigoodness! I'm picking up a 100 yr old refinished trunk tonight! Freecycle rocks my socks! :0) The person had posted the offer for the trunk 6 minutes before I responded and then continued to list a large black rocker in excellent condition. When I opened the post for the rocking chair all I saw was an email full of code, so what do I do? I don't falter, no! :0) I know I want it, based on the description in the subject line and I send another email requesting the rocker for pick up at the same time as the trunk. ... and guess what? In response they tell me that they have a tiny matching rocking chair as well, how about a 3 for 1 deal?? :0) lol So of course! Yes! Where do I sign!?!?! :0) jk jk :0) Right! So tonight after work I'm going to be picking up some new pieces for the house and I'm SO excited! now if the walls would jsut paint and sand themselves so I can really "nest" we'll be in good shape! :0) ;) lol I'll post pics of these 3 bad boys later gators! :0) so stay tuned!

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