Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Almost a year later

July 31st 2009 we signed for the house and while no, we didn't move in right away, we've almost been homeowners for a full year now - craziness!

Also almost a year later the sitting room upstairs is just about complete! With painted walls (compliments of my family who visited in May ^-^ and decor strategically placed to maximize the "homey" or "cozy" feeling. I'm totally excited! I will say however that I am purposely not posting pics right now so you will get the full Before and After affect. I had to at least write and tell you about the progress though! ^-^

Man what an adventure it's been! Freecycle has been a God send. I've gotten so many candles and things over the year(s) and been "storing" them up for this season! ^-^ The season to "sow" and make manifest the vision for the house that has been in the works for too long! dah! :0) Forgive the poetic antics - its the best I can do for explaining sometimes :0)

Alright! I'm sure to post again tomorrow, cause this weekend, well... I have plans... ;0)

I'll leave you with these at least, the pictures of the sitting room BEFORE when we first moved in.

AND when we had to emergency move in since our apartment washing machine decided to flood us out! You will note most of our items are in trash bags and no, I didn't know what was where or who put what in which bag. We had a group of friends swooped into help and make small work of the packing and moving, but in truth, it was all a very arduous task unpacking... what can I say, when it comes to organization I'm a type A lol :0)

You might see the black sleeping bag in the lower right hand of this picture. The first night the hubby and I stayed in our house, he was there and he gave me the couch. Love him. He's too good to me.

Alright, so get ready for some changes people! :0) ^-^ Woot! woot! :0)

As always thank you for reading AND thank you for supporting me through the projects! Eesh! ;)

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