Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Treasures acquired today

So the truck died at the freecyclers house :0( not cool. BUT my hubby came in and saved the day - fixed the truck and followed us home. The lady who had posted her items name was Ursula - kind soul who brought my sister and I water while waiting in the near 100 degree weather... inside a parked not running truck. Thank God for good people!

In addition to the trunk and the rocking chair, Ursula showed us this large lovely braided wool rug that they needed to get rid of! This will be perfect in our sitting room upstairs once we get hard wood floors! We are so blessed! Now to break out the shop vac and go to town on cleaning the rug and "my" room that I scrapped the other night :0) stay tuned!


  1. Ooooh my! What a lovely chair!! I really am jealous. I've been looking for an antique chest/trunk FOREVER - but I'm also a tad bit picky. This one is a real cracker.

  2. I agree, the wooden chest is a great find! (:

  3. what fabulous finds!!! ooo... i LOVE the chest!

  4. You are so lucky! That trunk is fab!

  5. thank you all for the comments, I'm very excited about the generousity of freecyclers - once I put "my" room together I will make it a point to show you what else I have been given. I've had a season of "storing up" and I look forward to the next season of sharing!

  6. Awesome finds.......isn't freecycle great? I have gifted a lot & got a few treasures.....You got some great things!!

    Karen@ Vintage Fair Retro Rare @ Etsy

  7. I neglected to mention, Ursula refinished the trunk and had gotten it from some older gals who were sisters, had it in the family for some time. They could date that this trunk was over 100 years old(!)

  8. Love your blog! I'm following you!



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