Sunday, August 26, 2012

Collar Necklaces - Weekend Progress

Wow - I had no idea how much more I enjoyed crocheting and knitting than sewing! These past few weeks have really shown me that - lol. I'm not adverse to sewing, I just find its not as forgiving as crocheting or knitting :). That and the chair I was sitting on was not comfy.. vs the couch I sit on to crochet or knit :)... you see my reasoning ;)

I was able to finalize one more collar necklace this past week and pulled out more fabrics matching them to other fabric swatches which was a lot of fun! I have a lot of tuxedo samples of silk and wool, 100% Lana wool, cashmere, 100% cotton corduroy etc. so its easy to get lost just matching the fabrics! In total I have 10 collar necklaces 3 of which are finalized and 2 of which are already spoken for.

 I also worked on the cuffs I promised my coworker to match her reversible collar necklace and will go fishing for the matching buttons soon :). 

While working on the necklaces I received a custom order for a Santa hat in the shape of the elf hat which I will share with you once its complete :). I think I need a nap before starting on the next step of anything tonight :). Hope everyone has had a great weekend! Thank you for reading!

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