Sunday, November 25, 2012

Francesca a new boutique store I visited on black Friday and while I was looking for gifts for other people that day I found I gravitated to stores that had no lines versus those I'd be standing in for nearly an hour just to check out... um, no thank you. :) Of course this resulted in me wandering into a few shops I wouldn't have if I'd been sticking to my list. ;)

Francesca is a lovely lil shop I was happy to have found in the mall because it reminded me of etsy artisan creations. :) birds perched on circular mirrors, pearl beaded jewelry, mustache ladened items and chalkboard pieces to add a whimsical touch to any decor. Their scarves are lovely as well but I gravitated to the jewelry stands and these two beauties jumped out at me (oooh shiny! :)). There was practically no line (yes!) allowing me to check out and be on my way in next to no time... onto my next adventure!

Come Saturday I was getting ready to go out with the mister and some friends, I was trying on my new earrings to see how they looked (though at the store I held up the card  in front of my ear to give myself an idea without really trying them on). I then thought of the many bloggers who share their new found purchases and decided I'd snap a few pictures & share my finds here as well. While I can't say it'll be a permanent consistent thing (historically I don't go shopping for things other than groceries and yarn :)) I love sharing these items! I see clothing as a way of self expression and reflecting to the world the way we see it or how we wish it would be. I'm an artist. I love to create and dream. I realize not everyone is like this and at times I will be misunderstood. For some reason I used to think once I was older people would understand me better but I also realize I need to stop caring if that will ever happen or not, people will not always see eye to eye and agree on everything, but differences don't have to separate us. I still say we can learn a lot from others and each other.

I suppose that's enough philosophy for a day :)

Beautiful flowers... for casual or for business adding a feminine touch.

This is the pair I decided on for the evening.

I do like accessories and pretty things, thanks to Francesca's designers I was feeling like a queen about the time I left the house with my husband  (which is also partially his fault ;)). I think I all the more enjoyed sharing the night with him because of it. :0)

I hope you like the earrings! :)

Tell me - what makes you feel like a queen?


  1. They are pretty! great new finds :) It is fun to find a new place to shop and its nice that you took time to appreciate something not so mainstream, I think we should all do that.


    1. Thanks Lisa! :) I wish some of the smaller shops were easier to find! But I understand there's probably only so much funding they can pump into their advertising :). Just another reason I like Etsy ;) all kinds of little boutiques! :D


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