Thursday, November 22, 2012

Snowman Ornament - Mr. Snow

A friend of mine had a baby last year and requested some child safe ornaments. In the end the set will consist of polar bears, brown bears, snowmen, reindeer and a few pine cones for good wintry measure ;). I started on the reindeer first... but to get my creative juices flowing and to have one done for a bit of moral ;) I put down the hook on the reindeer and picked it up for this guy ;). Mr. Snow is making eyes at me and will be quite encouraging as I work up the others I'm sure.

2 more of these snowmen to go! :) Then 12 more ornaments to go :) I'll share them as they are finished :). And rest assured I'll add the patterns to the shop as soon as I can :)

Hope you like meh snowman! :) I call him Mr.Snow for short - shows' respect ya know? He's a fun guy but as suspected the sun makes him kind of nervous... we all have our weaknesses, no? ;)

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