Friday, November 30, 2012

The Christmas Ornaments are Done :)

It's true! :) Mr. Snow survived after having set him on the shelf to watch me work up the rest of his friends he'll (literally) be hanging with in the near future. With much excitement I should add! :) 1st to be made after him was the Polar Bear, which he quite liked. Then I made the Brown Bear and everybody was excited and realized all their scarves were made especially for them, Mr. Snow - Red, Polar Bear - Blue, Brown Bear - Green. I told them it took me a bit to decide because I needed to make yet another friend and wanted them each to have their own special color scarf. I consulted my facebook fans - while Angie and Wendy did mention green for Rudolph I later decided Rudolph shall have a mixed scarf. :) Some vintage red yarn from my grandmother dons Rudi's nose and scarf. They're all excited to watch the festivities as they unravel where they are headed for years to come :)


PATTERNS for each can be found here or via ravelry for download here.

PATTERN for the set of 4 can ber found here! :)

Here is the complete set all rallied together...

They were all about the picture taking... they even lined up for me :)...

...then they wanted to move around, before things got too crazy I snapped this picture. :) 

I hope you like them! :) Have you put your tree up for the year yet? I hope to this weekend :)

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  1. These are SO CUTE! I love them! your tree will look adorable :)


  2. Thank you so much Lisa! :) Our friend LOVED them :) and her baby was very interested in them as well which made me very happy :) I know they'll enjoy all of them for years to come. Their little one is only a over a year old - once he learns his colors they'll be a lot of fun yet too :) ^-^

  3. OMG these are all adorable, you are very talented.

    I hope you don't mind but I have pinned these :)
    also i'm now following you
    brooke xx

    1. Brooke! :0) Thank you for following! :) For your comments! & for the pin! :) Pin to your hearts content should you find pictures on my blog that you like! I appreciate the traffic very much :) It's a huge compliment. Very much appreciated! Thank you for taking th etime to come check me out - off to follow you back! :) Your work is adorable as well there miss ;)


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