Monday, November 19, 2012

Have I told you lately...

...that I love my customers? ;)

I recently sold a holiday garland - one of my favorites I should add - with the Victorian (discontinued) red heart yarn.  I also have a tree skirt made from this yarn that I pull out every year to dress up underneath a tree around the house :). I love Christmas time. Its such a magical time. :) *swoons*

Sorry, Christmas is shiny so I got distracted lol ;) back to my awesome customers - Stefanie was gracious enough to share her photos of this adorable little gent with me to show how she used the garland. You will see the garland has a cameo in each photo behind this lil guys adorable hat (or smile :)) Photography by Stefanie Politi as you'll notice in the photos - please take a look at her other photos on fickr here: . The kids are so cute and Stefanie knows what she is doing with the lighting ;) :).

Thank you again Stefanie for the photos - allowing me to show the world how awesome my customers are :). You's the best! ^-^ ...and I love the photos! :) They all make me smile! :)

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