Sunday, August 18, 2013

Crocheted Yoda Hat for a lil boys 1st Birthday Party!

A friend of mine requested I make a yoda hat for a boy she nannies - for his 1st birthday!

I got to tap into my cotton yarn stash to make this lil number :) A hank an a half later you have a yoda hat! :D

It was a treasure hunt finding a site that would give me an idea for children's hat measurements. I stumbled up on a blog called Alli Crafts and thought it had a really good layout and lots of helpful information - so of course I share the blog/link with you here. Though I didn't use her pattern the dimenstion for the diameter and the guide for the earflap stitches were helpful.

The ears.. well the ears were tricky for me. Which was kind of annoying because I was initally going off of Tangled Threads and Random Thoughts yoda hat post which you'll notice has a mere 3 lines to follow. Easy right? ;) One would think! I know I was busy chatting with my husabnd or sister and watching tv, but once I finally focused on the directions long enough to work up an ear and found it to be too short for the yoda look I wanted. I did a bunch of measuring, of photos of yoda's head, of my hat and realized something...Did you know that each of yoda's ears are about 75% as long as his head is wide? Pretty ridiculous. But he is a wise one - so the way I figure it - he learned to use his ears ;) listening more than he spoke. What do you think? :)

Armed with the knowledge of my own guage and then how long each ear would be I started with a chain of 26 and worked the ears like Tangles Threads and Random Thoughts instructed. Later folding the ears to my liking and attached them to the hat! :) Do you like it? I hope its a hit at the birthday party! :D


  1. Your Yoda Hat came out wonderfully! I am so glad I could help in some way, thank you for the mention and link back too!

    God' Brightest Blessings to you!
    Kaye @

    1. Thank you so much Kayellen! :) I appreciate you taking hte time to comment here as well! :)

      Blessings right back at ya!;)

      Happy crafting! ~Dawn

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! too friggin cute!
    you are talented, love this Dawn


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