Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Dreamy Reality

People who have spent a good few hours with me (outside of work mind you ;)) normally have a sense that I'm a bit of a dreamer. I have this world in my head that's full of castles, prairies, forests, doilies, flora & fauna, cottages and tree houses. Where people get together, have coffee or tea, swing on their tree swings, embroider or knit while donned in ruffled & lacy dresses. Groups of women get together to talk about how their family members are doing. Where kids say their prayers before bed and then nestle under a handmade quilt or afghan  that's been loved on so much it's edges are worn and have the sweetest of dreams.
Where women do the laundry, hang it out to dry & lovingly cook meals for their family with vegetables she's grown from her own garden. 


This of course is a pipe dream - there aren't many who live in this kind of a world unless they are stuck in a century long ago and they would probably not be as comfortable as we are today with our washing machines, our air conditioners, our televisions, etc. But its a reality I play in my head nonetheless.
 It's also the kind of beauty I am attracted to and tend to decorate with in my home.
 It's eclectic but lovely at the same time :) I assure you ;). 

Today while on facebook I was reminded of this reality by the status of Flutterbydaisy, who was sharing a few recent listings... This number caught my eye: 

This would be one of the outfits I would rock while frolicking through my dream world. ^-^ 
The ruffles, the bows, the lace, the long hair... the hearts on the tights. I love it all! 
I enjoy the styling of FlutterbyDaisy's shop and decided I'd share them with you, to show you some of my world. :) 
I hope to share posts like this more often in the future. 
A fun way to paint my world and show it to you!
What is your dream world like? 


  1. sounds like a wonderful dream world, so peaceful, with good values. Sweet :)


    1. Awe thank you Lisa :) Always good to hear from you :). In my dream world we'd have pumpkin spice lattes and knit together sometime too! ^-^ Thank you for the comment miss! :) Best, Dawn


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♥ Dawn

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