Saturday, August 10, 2013

Coffee with Abe..

I'm having coffee with Abe this morning. Abraham Lincoln that is.
 He's got his shades on looking pretty cool so I call him Abe for short... 
because that's casual, you know ;).

Seriously cool Abe... 

Great way to start a day I tell you! Coffee with Abe since the mister was called into work today :( and since I couldn't have coffee with him I was glad to use his cup while he's gone ^-^
.. then I'll be wrapping up this trivet to ship out to Iowa..

There's a set of two smaller trivets with this same color scheme available in the shop if you're interested.

Later we plan to hang out with some friends for a bbq and since I've been enjoying taking pictures of just about everything these days hopefully I'll come back with some fun things to share with you! :)

Who are you having coffee with these days? 

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