Saturday, April 20, 2013

Flamingo Hat Progress

My coworker has struck again ! :) Her flamingo passion has crossed streams with the my creativity and here is the progress so far!

Crown of the hat with unassuming yarn victims standing by ;)

I worked up the hat today complete with ear flaps. I still have a bit of detailing to do but I wanted to share what I have so far. ^-^ I love how the pattern has been going so far - I have a good feeling I'll be sharing more hat pattern progresses (not a word ;)) with you in the near future - the whole time working this one up I  had visions of flowers, bows and scalloped edgings dancing through my head! Oh my! ;) As you can tell by the lighting I worked on this throughout the day. Oye Vey :) ;)

Base of the hat done! :)

Not sure when I'll be 100% done but I'll share the finished result when I'm done! Thank you for reading! What are you working on this weekend? I hope you're enjoying the spring! :)

We have Earflaps people! :D

***UPDATE*** 6/10/13 the Flamingo Hat PATTERN is available! :D


  1. I am excited to see how the hat turns out! those requests are the most fun when they are a little outside the box :)


    1. Thank you Lisa! :D So true! They help get the creative juices flowing for sure!! :D I hope you had a nice weekend! Best, Dawn


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