Sunday, April 21, 2013

Low Carb Brownies vs Paleo Brownies

I tried two separate brownie recipes this weekend, and there was a marked difference in taste and texture.

Since neither of the recipes had comments about them I felt the need to make note to people who might do a google query about low carb and sugarfree/flourless brownies to blog about it.

Coconut flour and me get along most of the time, with the nutter butter sammiches there was just enough coconut flour that I was able to take a few bites before reaching for water. What can I say the flour is so dense that my throat needs a little help getting it to my belly. Is this TMI? lol sorry! There is a point to this though, how dense a cookie/cake/brownie is important! :D That being said, the Paleo Oreos - are much too much as far as denseness goes. I don't recommend them, I had to have a fulll glass of water for a tiny cookie. Just saying.

Alright, so the first brownie recipe I used was for the low carb brownies and it started off promising, with lots of butter and chocolate.

 No flour, but eggs and vanilla... more yum, right? I sprayed the pan, sprinkled it with cocoa and then added the mix to bake...

*ding* pulled these puppies out and not only did they smell a bit like burnt chocolate, after letting them cool 5 minutes they were crumbly as ever.. not the moist brownies one looks forward to. Unfortunately, they were overly dark chocolaty tasting and after 3 people tried to eat the concoction (as it turned to crumbs :s) I tossed the whole pan. Which is sad because chocolate is expensive! :s. What a bummer.

Back to the drawing board...

So the next recipe is a Paleo Brownie recipe calling for sour cream, coconut flour and the famous butter and chocolate.

Again this recipe initially looked promising... lots of chocolate and butter... add the eggs...

Put it in the oven 12 - 15 minutes... and this pan was edible! *SUCCESS!*

 I will put a stamp of edible approval on these brownies lol ;). They are also moist as a brownie should be and while yes, there is coconut flour they are moist enough that I'm not lunging toward the kitchen gasping for water... ;).

This has been another adventure in the kitchen - stay hungry my friends ;) until next time! :)


  1. thank goodness one was edible! lol

    thanks for your nice comment on my Boston post :)

    1. True enough Jaime! I'd have felt horrible if more chocolate was abused in my quest for an edible pan of brownies where no sugar or flour was used! lol :)

  2. haha thank you for the investigation, so I will definitely be staying away from the non edible low carb brownies! :P
    Thank you for your comment on my latest post, I am so happy to be following you aswell! :) and glad you are following me :) I am following you on facebook too if you haven't noticed lol :)

    Lisa :)

    1. ^-^ I have noticed your facebook follow Lisa! :) You started following about the same time as a long time friend of mine too! :) When I saw you were both there I was *so* excited! :)

      Thank you so much for the follow and you are very welcome for the investigation ;) Recipes are so much fun! It's like a mini crafting project that you can eat in less than a few hours lol :) See you again soon! ~Dawn


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