Friday, April 26, 2013

I Have Nerdy Friends!

...and I love them, I love them ALL. They inspire me and help get me out of my mode of just making pretty things ^-^. I like pretty things okay?! ☺

Insert Jayne's knit hat from the Firefly series. Ta-dah! This is my next up and coming request from a friend for her mister, who much like my mister has a ginormous head. ☺ I love my mister with a larger than normal cranium and if all goes well, may have to make him one too. Cause he's my favorite and we like Firefly. I think that's reason enough lol

The hat will look quite similar to what is pictured when its' all said and knitted ;) (granted it cut off the pom pom portion but that's okay - I know it's there ;)) and here's a fun demotivational pic for your entertainment :) until next time ;)

Photo by Captain Tightpants

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