Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring is in bloom....

Last week my Grandma passed away, this had our family road tripping to Iowa and back again within a few days. Spring sprung up here in VA while we were gone and we were welcomed with open tulips and flowering trees galore!

Inside the house was a beautiful African Violet that was given to me by a prior co-worker, Juliet. This is the first flowering (ever!) and I wanted to share! 

Clearly Juliet has a green thumb as this lovely was grown by a leaf snipped from another African Violet plant. I tried to do this but ended up drowning the plant and then it rotted away :( (ew, I know). Maybe one day I'll get back to trying my hand at these lovelies! I think they are so pretty! I love the leaves too! So soft! :D

This weekend I hope to transplant a peonie plant of mine that used to *love* the front yard and it was flourishing! But then I moved it... and it's in a shaded area... I know I know... not a good thing for peonies but I'm going to fix that because I want my peonie flowers back! They make me happy okay! :) 

I'll try and take some pics of the peonie transplant adventure to share later. For now, please enjoy the first African Violet bloom of the year from me! :) 

xox ~Dawn

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